Thorwald Maps & Plans

The Thorwald Condominium Site Plan as well as the Building Floor Plans are contained in a Document you may view and download by clicking HERE.

Parking Space Allocations

Thorwald has a total of 59 designated parking spaces contained in its three parking lots. Forty-two of these are assigned to specific units, and seventeen are numbered spaces for use by authorized guests, as evidenced by the displayed GUEST placard on the dashboard.

The locations of all spaces is shown in a parking diagram you may view and download by clicking HERE.

Thorwald Boundary with Bass Rocks Country Club

The 19 Atlantic Road portion of the condominium is bounded on the west and south by land belonging to the Bass Rocks Country Club. The exact boundaries are difficult to visualize and there appear to be no boundary markers visible at this point. The images below give an idea of the boundaries at a large scale.

The color images on this page were captured from the Massachusetts GIS system, which can be seen on the Internet HERE.

The Plat Map is the Thorwald Condominium Site Plan as filed with the City of Gloucester

Thowald Condo Site Plan
Thorwald Condo Site Plan

As you can see, the boundary is very close to the buildings; but exactly how close can only be determined by an actual survey.